There are a lot of ways by which one can clean air vents and ducts for smooth operation, and there are a lot of companies today that have designed different kinds of equipment to aid the cleaning. There are also different kinds of compressed air tools and brushes that a quality vent or duct cleaner can lay his/her hands on. However, what really matters is getting the right tool for the right job.

Over the years, all we’ve seen and heard about are just ordinary brushes that have a motor of their own where they are attached or to the base of a screw gun. Circular brushes at the time were designed only to clean circular vents, however what we failed to understand is that the docs come in different shapes and designs, and so the need to get the right tools; one of the reasons behind the arrival of compressed air tools.

One other thing is that the wrong or improper use of a brush may result to the damage of the sensitive ductwork if an inexperienced technician is handling it.

Up till now, there are a lot of people who are still ignorant of the fact that certain brushes have been designed to clean the specific parts of a dryer vent, so they run to ordinary brushes, leaving compressed air tools out. These tools have been given different names, and they include whips, Hydra and Viper. There is a rod system in which the attachments are fitted to and is maneuvered over the entire air vents. There are also agitation tools also known as skipper balls with reverse and forward nozzles. Each of the tools have being designed with their own unique functions and so it wouldn’t be right to interchange them for different challenges that you might be facing with your dryer vent cleaner like Dryer Duct Pros. The chances of damaging the duct work of your cleaner is slim if you’re making use of compressed air tools that have been specifically designed for duct cleaning.

A lot of people have the wrong notion that the most important tool used in a duct or vent cleaning service is a vacuum. The vacuum isn’t really the most important tool out of the toolbox, the air compressor which ranges from different pounds can be manipulated and adjusted to achieve effective and maximum results. Your technician should always give the exact method he wants to use to clean your duct, do not forget to always ask this.